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Environment: soil and water analysis

Soil Science

Measurements on soils and sediments allow a classification based of their physical properties.
ALFATESTLab is able to provide:

  • Rapid determination of sand fractions, silt and clay for the classification of weaving using laser diffraction particle size
  • Quantitative confirmation of fractions by means of size and morphology measurements using automated image analysis
  • Evaluation of permeability, porosity and water adsorption by means of mercury porosimetry techniques, helium pycnometry and DVS (Dynamic Vapor Sorption)
  • Assessment of morphology using high-resolution SEM images

Fuel Cells / Solar Cells

The control of electrode porosity in fuel cells, optimization of rheological properties for screen-printing processes, water absorption isotherms in polymeric membranes used as electrolytes ... are all characterizations that find answer in ALFATESTLab.

Water Treatment

Drinking waters are generally treated for both mineral and organic contaminant removal. Typically the objective is to improve the coagulation ability in water treatment plants, using cationic additives as flocculants. The zeta potential measurements provide a valid tool to quantify the optimal concentration of additives necessary for the flocculation and removal of contamination.