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Food and Drinks

Food and Drinks

In Alfatestlab we support the food industry since several years in formulation and deformulation/bench-marking projects, trouble shooting and R&D by providing innovative analytical techniques. Whether it's solid, liquid, emulsion or gel, ALFATESTLab can assist customers in assessing the consistency of raw materials, in predicting shelf-life, to optimize grinding and granulation operations, or to accelerate the new formulation testing and new product development. In addition, ALFATESTlab offers its customers the innovative laboratory scale process from Microfluidics for uniform particle size reduction and stability improvement of emulsions, nano-emulsions or suspensions. Our customers can access a unique technological platform that makes a big difference in extremely competitive markets:

Dairy Products/Soft drinks/Flavour Emulsions

To guarantee the expected quality and the shelf-life of food products such as milk, yogurt, creme, beverage, flavour emulsions, baby food, etc. we know that fundamental properties must be controlled such as particle size distribution, physical stability, viscosity and rheological behaviour.  In Alfatestlab we can offer a complete characterization project for new formulations or to optimize existing products, and we can also provide an objective sensory evaluation using electronic nose.

Our technical platform allows us to provide:

    • Fast and objective physical stability measurements by Multiple Light Scattering and Zeta Potential measurements
    • Viscosity and rheological behaviour
    • Particle size and shape distribution
    • Smell measurements to guarantee the quality and conformity to your consumers thanks to accurate and objective sensory analysis

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Coffee testing

As an Italian laboratory, coffee analysis is in our DNA! Alfatestlab experts understand the role of particle size distribution to extract the desired flavour from grinded coffee, and they know that particle size distribution should be adjusted depending on the type of coffee products to be produced: capsules, pods, espresso, Turkish coffee, or filter coffee.

Alfatestlab can also help coffee makers investigate other parameters such as particle shape and powder flowability to optimise production process and coffee quality.

Finally, Alfatestlab is equipped to perform advanced and sophisticated analysis such as objective sensory evaluation of coffee blends or raw materials though electronic nose analysis or foam persistence and thickness on espresso using multiple light scattering.

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Chocolate quality testing

Today chocolates are guarded secret and complex formula involving varying seeds, different ingredients, combinations of fermentation-roasting timings-temperature, flavours such as mint, coffee, orange, strawberry, etc.

Mouthfeel of chocolates is strictly related to particle size and shape, that influence viscosity and rheological characteristics such as yield value: these parameters can be all measured in Alfatestlab. There is also a correlation between mouthfeel and flavour, and changing the viscosity has dramatic effects on mouthfeel. Alfatestlab is equipped with an electronic nose (HERACLES from Alpha-MOS) that we use to evaluate chocolate aroma, for bench-marking studies, R&D or recipe optimization. Flavor is essential for chocolates,

Besides particle size, Alfatestlab can  perform shape analysis of all the particles in chocolate, not only the cocoa but also the sugar and milk solids in order to investigate products with identical particle size distribution that behave differently, show different quality, flavour or mouth feel.

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More details here below on our analytical services for Food & drink industry: