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Sensory analysis

Electronic Nose

Because the sensorial quality of the products are key factors for success, smell and aroma analysis are very common requirements for industry. As a result, companies frequently use olfactory analysis, both during product development and quality control. The sensory analysis proposed in AlfatestLab allows an objective smell characterization of your products together with a chemical composition analysis, based on Kovats index, qualitative and quantitative analysis through statistical data processing and chemometrics.

Instruments Heracles II (Alphamos)
Samples Particles, Liquid dispersions, Powders, Materials
Industry Pharmaceutical, Inks, paints and coatings, Food and Drinks, Home & Personal Care

Quality Control

The consumer expects that his favourite products have a constant sensory quality. With objective and reliable measurements, the electronic nose helps to control the sensory profile of products all through the production line:

  • Sensory conformity tests: aroma control, off-odour detection, odorous contaminant detection
  • Consumer complaints investigation and identification of odorous defects subjected to a customer claim
  • Influence of the manufacturing process on food flavoring
  • Products aroma ageing follow-up, ingredients selection based on their shelf life and the stability of their sensory profile
  • Food packaging testing: evaluation of the impact of food-contact materials on the organoleptic quality of food.

Research & Development

The sensory profile, products aroma in particular, has a strong influence on consumers’ choice and preference. Thanks to its numerous applications, the electronic nose is a precious support tool for designing new products that meet consumers’ expectations:

  • Recipe optimization to reach a target sensory profile
  • Design of innovative product with a totally unique aroma
  • Product re-design (retro-engineering) to change or improve its sensory features: new recipe, new aroma, new packaging
  • Benchmarking of competitive products based on their sensory profile
  • Change of manufacturing process or ingredients substitution (sugar-free, low carb, etc) and assessment of the impact on product aroma.
Alfatestlab services for Home & Personal Care industry

Alfatestlab is equipped with a full range of scientific instruments for the analysis and optimization of cosmetic formulations, and can provide analytical support to your R&D or quality control groups by monitoring a large number of physical parameters of raw materials, intermediate or final formulations.

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Smell of alcohol from pre-packaged sliced bread? Ethanol content measurement and identification of discriminant volatile compounds through sensory analysis

Do you smell alcohol when you open a package of sandwich bread? Find out why with this electronic nose comparison study of four brands of prepackaged bread and a bakery product!

Sensory benchmarking of chocolate hazelnut spreads with e-nose

Sensory analysis is an efficient tool to compare competitors’ products to the target leaders’ one in the market, to develop a new product or to improve a current one. In this study, 4 brands of chocolate hazelnut spreads were characterized to compare their aroma profiles in order timprove, re-formulate or re-engineer products.

Recycled PET packaging: olfactive quality evaluated by sensory analysis

In this study an objective and neutral olfactive evaluation through an electronic nose has been performed on recycled PET samples. The differences respect to a reference have been clearly identified, allowing to improve the recycling processes and accelerate product development.

There's always time for a coffee break!

Analysis of coffee particle characteristics, coffee creaming and bulk powder flow properties together with sensory analysis and high resolution SEM images can help you improve your coffee production process.

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