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Recycled PET packaging: olfactive quality evaluated by sensory analysis

In this study an objective and neutral olfactive evaluation through an electronic nose has been performed on recycled PET samples. The differences respect to a reference have been clearly identified, allowing to improve the recycling processes and accelerate product development.


Polymorphs discrimination using Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy

Several pharmaceutical ingredients (API) tend to crystallize in different crystalline packings (polymorphs). In a pharmaceutical formulation, the identity or the possible conversion of the API polymorph could alter the characteristics and the efficacy of the pharmaceutical form, leading to a different bioavailability. In this work we show how polymorphism can be successfully recognized and characterized by using MDRS (Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy), a powerful technique that combines automated particle imaging with Raman spectroscopy to provide particle size, shape and chemical identification in a single analysis.

Metal powders flow issues

A good understanding of powders behaviour allows you to optimize productivity and improve product quality. Freeman Technology's FT4 powder rheometer is the best technique to understand and resolve powder flow issues.


AlfatestLab Corporate Video

Alfatest Corporate Video

Kinexus +

Zetasizer Nano, scopri come migliorare la stabilità delle tue dispersioni

MicroCal Peaq ITC, il gold standard per l'analisi d'interazioni label-free

ForteBio OCTET, interazioni biomolecolari e quantifica proteica anche in matrici complesse

FT4 Powder Rheometer® per caratterizzare tutti comportamenti legati a movimentazione e stoccaggio delle polveri

Mastersizer 3000, il granulometro laser di riferimento

Phenom XL, il SEM 'personale' ideale sia per QC che R&D

Nanosight, dimensione e concentrazione di particelle, anche in fluorescenza!