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Sensory benchmarking of chocolate hazelnut spreads with e-nose

Sensory analysis is an efficient tool to compare competitors’ products to the target leaders’ one in the market, to develop a new product or to improve a current one. In this study, 4 brands of chocolate hazelnut spreads were characterized to compare their aroma profiles in order timprove, re-formulate or re-engineer products.

Food testing

Dissolution rate in food industry

Today let's focus on dissolution, and on the reasons why this property of food materials is so important to characterize...


There's always time for a coffee break!

Analysis of coffee particle characteristics, coffee creaming and bulk powder flow properties together with sensory analysis and high resolution SEM images can help you improve your coffee production process.


AlfatestLab Corporate Video

Alfatest Corporate Video

Kinexus +

Zetasizer Nano, scopri come migliorare la stabilità delle tue dispersioni

MicroCal Peaq ITC, il gold standard per l'analisi d'interazioni label-free

ForteBio OCTET, interazioni biomolecolari e quantifica proteica anche in matrici complesse

FT4 Powder Rheometer® per caratterizzare tutti comportamenti legati a movimentazione e stoccaggio delle polveri

Mastersizer 3000, il granulometro laser di riferimento

Phenom XL, il SEM 'personale' ideale sia per QC che R&D

Nanosight, dimensione e concentrazione di particelle, anche in fluorescenza!