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16/12/2020 Graziella Gariano

Smell of alcohol from pre-packaged sliced bread? Ethanol content measurement and identification of discriminant volatile compounds through sensory analysis

Do you smell alcohol when you open a package of sandwich bread? Find out why with this electronic nose comparison study of four brands of prepackaged bread and a bakery product!

09/12/2020 Graziella Gariano

Recycled PET packaging: olfactive quality evaluated by sensory analysis

In this study an objective and neutral olfactive evaluation through an electronic nose has been performed on recycled PET samples. The differences respect to a reference have been clearly identified, allowing to improve the recycling proce...

03/12/2020 Alfatestlab

Chocolate analytical testing

Chocolate is a complex suspension of non-fat particles (sugar, cocoa, milk powder particles) dispersed in cocoa butter. Particle size, rheology and thermal analysis help controlling texture, flavour and stability propeties of chocolate pro...

25/11/2020 Alfatestlab

Flavour control in food industry

How particle size affects flavour of food products? let'shave a look with coffee and milk examples...

18/11/2020 Graziella Gariano

Sensory benchmarking of chocolate hazelnut spreads with e-nose

Sensory analysis is an efficient tool to compare competitors’ products to the target leaders’ one in the market, to develop a new product or to improve a current one. In this study, 4 brands of chocolate hazelnut spreads were character...

11/11/2020 Alfatestlab

Dissolution rate in food industry

Today let's focus on dissolution, and on the reasons why this property of food materials is so important to characterize...